Department of Architecture – University of Bologna


Graduated in Civilian Building Architecture at the University of Bologna, M.A. In “Architecture for the Spectacle” at the Department of Architecture, Genova. Specialized in the restoration of historical monuments at the Department of Architecture, Genova.

Ph.D. in sketching and surveying works of architectural heritage.

Since 2019 – Associate Professor ICAR 17 at the Department of Architecture at Bologna University.

Research embraces two main domains concerning extreme developments in the evolution od representation processes with two principal subjects:

- innovative theories and methods of architecture surveying with new non-contact technologies and informative systems created for architecture;

- innovative principles, theories, methods and processes of representation;

Conducts research in various fields of architecture designing and projecting. These include innovative surveying technologies and techniques, modelling, methodologies of representation and informative systems developed for architecture. The research concentrated mostly on Italian lighthouses, the field in which she is regarded internationally as one of the most outstanding experts. 

Participated in international and national conferences and research, among others, in Canada, Argentina, Portugal, etc.

Author of 100 publications.

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