Department of Architecture – University of Bologna



Graduated in Civilian Building Architecture at the University of Bologna, M.A. In “Architecture for the Spectacle” at the Department of Architecture, Genova. Specialized in the restoration of historical monuments at the Department of Architecture, Genova.

Ph.D. in sketching and surveying works of architectural heritage.

Since 2019 – Associate Professor ICAR 17 at the Department of Architecture at Bologna University.

Research embraces two main domains concerning extreme developments in the evolution od representation processes with two principal subjects:

- innovative theories and methods of architecture surveying with new non-contact technologies and informative systems created for architecture;

- innovative principles, theories, methods and processes of representation;

Conducts research in various fields of architecture designing and projecting. These include innovative surveying technologies and techniques, modelling, methodologies of representation and informative systems developed for architecture. The research concentrated mostly on Italian lighthouses, the field in which she is regarded internationally as one of the most outstanding experts. 

Participated in international and national conferences and research, among others, in Canada, Argentina, Portugal, etc.

Author of 100 publications.


Department of History, Representation and Restoration of Architecture – "Sapienza" - University of Rome



Architect and Associate Professor at “Sapienza” - University of Rome, Department of History, Representation and Restoration of Architecture (DSDRA). In 2006 Ph.D in Scienze della Rappresentazione e del Rilievo  with the thesis „Interaction between Sketching and Digital Architecture”. He teaches Architectural Survey and Descriptive Geometry at the Faculty of Architecture from 2008 andalso teach to Masters and PhD Courses.

Works actively on Cultural Heritage, tangible and intangible, on a lot of research projects.

Among the cultural heritage objects researched mention must be made of the San Pietro Dome, the wooden model of San Pietro made by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, the Giano's Arch in Rome; the Roman theatre and amphitheatre in Merida, Spain; the El Khaseneh theatre and the royal tombs at Petra, the theatre in Jarash, Jordania, San Carlo ai Catinari Dome in Rome.

Participated in the PRIN, Firb and Euromed Heritage IV Programme financed researchs.

Since 2012 is member and referee of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA).

Since 2016 is member of the Editorial Advisory Board and referee for IGI Global publishing house, Hershey PA, USA: Engineering Science Reference.

Since the 2017 is editor in chief of IGI Global’s Advances in Library and information science (ALIS) book series.

Since 2005 sits on the editorial board of scientific Journal of Class A „DISEGNARE. IDEE IMMAGINI”.

Since 2012 sits on the scientific committee of the MAVNA Museum (Virtual Archaeological Museum of Narce) in Mazzano Romano (Rome). Alfonso Ippolito is also member of some cultural and scientific associations: Unione Italiana Disegno – UID and EGA –  Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónica.
He has been participating as invited speaker and chairman in international and national conferences in such cities as: Canton in China; San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington in the USA; La Plata in Argentina; Amman in Jordania, São Paulo in Brasil, in Madrid and various other cities.


Instituto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo - Universidade de São Paulo



Simone Helena Tanoue Vizioli is a Professor at the Architecture and Urbanism Institute of the São Paulo University (IAU USP). Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo, FAU USP (1991), Master (1998) and PhD (2006) from FAU USP. Nowadays, she is Coordinator of the FAPESP Project: "Study of 3D digital mapping (photogrammetry) for educational and heritage documentation" (2019/2020) and USP Project "Fazenda do Pinhal 3D digital mapping project" (2019/2020). He is a founding member of the Research Support Center for Language Studies in Architecture and City (N.ELAC - IAU USP). Current Vice President of Institutional Relations of the Ibero-American Digital Printing Society (SIGraDi). Current Coordinator of the IAU USP International Cooperation Commission, Coordinator of the International Cooperation Agreement between the IAU USP and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. He is a member of the IAU USP Culture and Extension Commission as Vice President, having worked continuously on extension projects. Postgraduate Concentration Area at IAU USP: “Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism”; Pos-grad IAU USP Research line: “Art, Culture and City”. Research line in the National Research Council (Brazil): “Means of Representation in Architecture and City”. Works mainly in the area of ​​representation and language, with emphasis on: analog and digital design; projective process (perception and representation), 3D digital mapping and heritage education. ORCID ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7057-6836.

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