Instituto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo - Universidade de São Paulo


Simone Helena Tanoue Vizioli is a Professor at the Architecture and Urbanism Institute of the São Paulo University (IAU USP). Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo, FAU USP (1991), Master (1998) and PhD (2006) from FAU USP. Nowadays, she is Coordinator of the FAPESP Project: "Study of 3D digital mapping (photogrammetry) for educational and heritage documentation" (2019/2020) and USP Project "Fazenda do Pinhal 3D digital mapping project" (2019/2020). He is a founding member of the Research Support Center for Language Studies in Architecture and City (N.ELAC - IAU USP). Current Vice President of Institutional Relations of the Ibero-American Digital Printing Society (SIGraDi). Current Coordinator of the IAU USP International Cooperation Commission, Coordinator of the International Cooperation Agreement between the IAU USP and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. He is a member of the IAU USP Culture and Extension Commission as Vice President, having worked continuously on extension projects. Postgraduate Concentration Area at IAU USP: “Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism”; Pos-grad IAU USP Research line: “Art, Culture and City”. Research line in the National Research Council (Brazil): “Means of Representation in Architecture and City”. Works mainly in the area of ​​representation and language, with emphasis on: analog and digital design; projective process (perception and representation), 3D digital mapping and heritage education. ORCID ID

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